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  2. ST AUGUSTINE, FL 32086-4193

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  2. Jacksonville FL 32221

Tile #



Property Detail

RE # 012759-0030
Tax District GS
Property Use 1000 VACANT COMM
# of Buildings 0
Legal Desc. 51-54 05-3S-25E 5.680
PT NW1/4 RECD O/R 15525-135
Subdivision 00000 SECTION LAND
Total Area 267416


The sale of this property may result in higher property taxes. For more information go to Save Our Homes and our Property Tax Estimator .

In Progress

'In Progress' property values, exemptions and other supporting information on this page are part of the working tax roll and are subject to change. Certified values listed in the Value Summary are those certified in October, but may include any official changes made after certification Learn how the Property Appraiser’s Office values property.

Value Summary

2013 Certified 2014 In Progress
Value Method CAMA CAMA
Total Building Value $0.00 $0.00
Extra Feature Value $0.00 $0.00
Land Value (Market) $831,331.00 $831,331.00
Land Value (Agric.) $0.00 $0.00
Just (Market) Value $831,331.00 $831,331.00
Assessed Value $831,331.00 $831,331.00
Cap Diff/Portability Amt $0.00 / $0.00 $0.00 / $0.00
Exemptions $0.00 See below
Taxable Value $831,331.00 See below

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Taxable Values and Exemptions – In Progress

If there are no exemptions applicable to a taxing authority, the Taxable Value is the same as the Assessed Value listed above in the Value Summary box.

County/Municipal Taxable Value

No applicable exemptions

SJRWMD/FIND Taxable Value

No applicable exemptions

School Taxable Value

No applicable exemptions

Sales History

Book/PageSale DateSale PriceDeed Instrument Type CodeQualified/UnqualifiedVacant/Improved
15525-001352/24/2011$797,400.00WD - Warranty DeedUnqualifiedVacant
13119-015713/6/2006$1,250,000.00SW - Special WarrantyQualifiedVacant
13027-022261/10/2006$600,000.00SW - Special WarrantyUnqualifiedVacant
08252-0019012/21/1995$400,000.00WD - Warranty DeedUnqualifiedVacant

Extra Features

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Land & Legal


LNCodeUse DescriptionZoningFrontDepthCategoryLand UnitsLand TypeLand Value
11000COMMERCIALPUD0.000.00Common247,420.00Square Footage$831,331.00


LNLegal Description
151-54 05-3S-25E 5.680
2PT NW1/4 RECD O/R 15525-135


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2014 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (Truth in Millage Notice)

Taxing DistrictAssessed ValueExemptionsTaxable ValueLast YearProposedRolled-back
Public Schools: By State Law$831,331.00$0.00$831,331.00$4,273.04$4,204.04$4,127.72
By Local Board$831,331.00$0.00$831,331.00$1,868.83$1,868.83$1,805.24
FL Inland Navigation Dist.$831,331.00$0.00$831,331.00$28.68$28.68$26.85
Water Mgmt Dist. SJRWMD$831,331.00$0.00$831,331.00$272.93$263.03$263.03
Gen Gov Voted$831,331.00$0.00$831,331.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
School Board Voted$831,331.00$0.00$831,331.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Just Value Assessed Value Exemptions Taxable Value
Last Year $831,331.00 $831,331.00 $0.00 $831,331.00
Current Year $831,331.00 $831,331.00 $0.00 $831,331.00

2014 TRIM Property Record Card (PRC)
This PRC reflects property details and values at the time of the most recent mailing of the Notices of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM Notices) in August.

Property Record Card (PRC)

The Property Appraiser’s Office (PAO) provides historical property record cards (PRCs) online for 1995-2005. You may print this page which provides the current property record. (Sections not needed can be minimized.) To print the past-year cards below, set your browser's Page Set Up for printing to Landscape.